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Why You Should Shop MyBarong

You’ll experience fashion and service done remarkably

  • You’ll get the best of Philippine embroidery, fabrics, and embellishments that are adapted into modern styles. You’ll get the latest trends and styles in a Barong as this classic shirt evolves.

  • It’s your exclusive source for the White Jusi”™ Barong (we created this special fabric). “White Jusi” is widely popular among our grooms who want their wedding Barong / shirt to perfectly match their bride’s pure white wedding gown.

  • Your Barong must fit. We’re the only Barong store in the world with standardized sizing per U.S. size standards. We did this in response to the numerous “calls for help” we had received from U.S. customers who had tried to buy their wedding Barongs from other web sites, through a family member in the Philippines, or directly from a Philippine-based store. These customers had come to us only after receiving their order from the Philippines, and after finding that their Barongs were too small (i.e. a size “Large” in the Philippines is much smaller than a “Large” in the U.S.).

  • Your size is here. You get the widest range of sizes in the world, from 0-3 months to 5XL, and custom tailored for any other size you need.

  • You get impeccable customer service. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed & our return / exchange policies make your shopping experience at MyBarong easy & worry-free. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly. 


Who we are


MyBarong started out as a home based business located in Los Angeles, California, in 1999. We were the very first online store to sell Barongs on the worldwide web. Our mission is to give everyone a chance to buy remarkable Barongs with exceptional value from anywhere around the world.


Our family-owned business thrives through the mutual help of our partners in the Philippines and our collective goal of making the world a more beautiful place, one Barong at a time.



What we do


MyBarong strives to share the beauty, artistry & fashion tradition of the Barong with the world.  Our keystone product, the Barong, is a hand-crafted, embroidered shirt worn at weddings and other special events. 

  • The Barong is a perfect way to infuse the Philippine culture into a Western ceremony and is a great way to personalize a couple’s wedding day. 

  • Across all cultures, it is a dressy alternative for beach, garden and tropical weddings.


Serving the Filipino community abroad

MyBarong brings the hard-to-find Barong tailor and embroidery artisan to the world via the Web.

You no longer need to:

  • travel long distances to find the nearest Barong tailor

  • pay the premium prices charged for other tailored Barongs. 

  • Wait for weeks to buy a Barong
MyBarong utilizes the efficiency of the internet in our "global village" to offer:
  • In-Stock Barongs that are ready for same-day shipping to you

  • Custom Tailored Barongs at prices far below that of a typical tailor

Serving the Philippine Garment Industry


MyBarong empowers its partners: bordadoras (embroidery artisans), fabric weavers, and tailors of the Philippines with the ability to showcase their products to the world via our website. The cottage industry that produces the Barong now has an unprecedented opportunity to reach beyond its national borders with ease, and realize the economic opportunity of our "global village.” MyBarong is proud to contribute to the local Philippine economy by providing work to Filipino artisans across the country.