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Must I buy a Custom Tailor Barong to be sure it will fit me well?

When buying a Barong Tagalog, it's very important to check for quality of materials, workmanship, and most of all... If it FITS!

At MyBarong, you can find a Barong that fits you perfectly in 1 or more of our 3 Barong "departments"

  • "In Stock" Barongs that are ready to be shipped to you directly from our California order center. They are available in most (U.S.) standard sizes and some tall sizes.
  • "3-Week Tailor" Barongs that are made to order & expedited to ship to you within 3 weeks.
  • "Custom Tailor" Barongs that you design with your choice of fabric, colors, embroidery & more. They are made to your exact size specifications, and fit your perfectly.

Whichever way you choose to get your Barong, you'll get a premium quality garment that you'll look great in!

At MyBarong we put it all together...

  • Quality materials
  • Attention to details
  • Our Tailors' trade secrets
  • The best value and service on the planet.