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How to Add a Philippine Touch to Your Wedding


Wear a Barong to infuse your wedding with Filipino culture & tradition

The most popular way to express the Philippine culture in a wedding is by wearing the Barong. When the groom and other members of the wedding party (i.e. groomsmen, ring boy, coin bearer, parents, and guests) wear Barongs, it is a beautiful way of infusing your culture into any wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, the groom wears the Barong with the most embroidery on it. The more the embroidery one has on their Barong, the more prestigious. However, it really depends on the groom’s personal preference and style. The groomsmen, ring bearer, and coin bearer then typically wear a Barong style that has simpler embroidery compared to the groom.

The wedding couple’s Cord and Veil

The traditional wedding cord and veil ceremony is a familiar part of many Filipino weddings. The veil is placed over the shoulders of the couple to symbolize their union and being "clothed as one" in unity. The cord is then placed over the couple to symbolize the couple's bond, and their being united as one in their new life together. The cord and veil tradition is widely incorporated into church, garden, and even beach weddings.

Unity Coins

The Unity Coins (wedding coins also known as: Arras [ah-rahs] or Arrhae [ar-rah-heh]) traditionally symbolize prosperity and the groom's promise to provide for the welfare of the new family. Today's couples embrace life & face the world together in a more mutually supportive way than ever before. So, the Unity Coins have come to symbolize the couple's commitment to mutually contributing to their relationship, their children, and their community. Including the Unity Coins in the wedding ceremony is a meaningful way to add a touch of Philippine culture and tradition.

Wedding accessories with a Philippine motif

Incorporate wedding accessories such as the flower girl basket, Unity Coins pillow and ring pillow designed with a Philippine motif. One such motif is “sampaguita,” the Philippine national flower. Another is an “embroidery” motif, celebrating one of the Philippines’ most renown art forms. MyBarong offers wedding accessories designed with Philippine motifs.

Music & Harana

Have a musician play traditional music on a guitar as guests are being seated, as background music between readings, or during the unity candle lighting. Harana, the traditional form of courtship in the Philippines in which a man woos a woman's affection by singing underneath her window, adds a romantic mood to any wedding reception.

“Filipiniana Attire Invited”

Invite your guests to wear the Barong or Filipiniana attire to your wedding by stating on your invitation, “Filipiniana Attire Invited” or “Filipiniana Attire Requested.”  Your guests will thank you for giving them the chance to wear a much cooler alternative to the suit or tuxedo.

Describe Filipino traditions in the wedding program

The best way to describe to your guests the cultural traditions that you’ve added to your special day is through the wedding program. Your guests will appreciate learning about these traditions and their cultural / personal significance to you.