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What if it doesn't fit right when I receive it?

Your custom tailored Barong will fit perfectly... guaranteed!*

*This is contingent on your following the custom tailored Barong measurement guide exactly as illustrated & described. If your custom made Barong doesn't fit perfectly, we will re-tailor it free of charge ONLY if we failed to make the Barong per the original measurements you provided in your order. MyBarong assumes that measurements provided by the customer are accurate, and will make an effort (by our master tailor) to check for any apparent mistakes in customers' measurements before making the Barong.

However, errors in the original measurements (submitted in the order) may result in additional charges for alterations. These charges depend on the extent of alteration required. Should the Barong not match the original measurements, we will re-tailor it free of charge only during the 30 days following original receipt of the custom tailored Barong. For the re-tailoring, the customer is asked to provide:

  • 1. photos showing the part(s) of the Barong in need of re-tailoring (wearing the barong, standing tall with arms resting at your sides; a front and a side view would be best)

  • 2. A new set of custom tailored Barong measurements to assist in the re-tailoring process.

  • Please contact us for the address to which to send the custom Barong & the above information.