Design it. See it. We'll make it.
Each of the "Customizers" in this section give you the power to:
  • Choose - design options that suit your distinctive style
  • See - your self-designed garment with each of the options you've selected
  • Express yourself - have your garment made just the way you like it, the possibilities are virtually endless.

To start, click on a fabric or style below. Click & view options as you create your garment. Order when it's just right.
Look your best in these hand crafted Filipiniana styles, perfect for Filipino weddings, galas, fiestas & beyond
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 Women's Kimona Women's Kimona 
Customizer - Ramie Linen

From $79.95

 Women's Kimona Women's Kimona 
Customizer - Pina Fabric

From $289.00

  Women's Kimona  Women's Kimona 
Customizer - Jusi Fabric

From $84.95

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